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Mowing the Lawn-Half-Cut

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Late summer is a great time of year for many things, but is putting in a new lawn one of them? According to the University of Maine’s Cooperative Extension, late summer is the best time of year to seed a lawn in Maine. Why? The soil is still warm enabling grass seed to quickly set roots and establish themselves. Furthermore, weeds are on their way out, meaning less competition with newly seeded grass.

Best Type of Grass Seed

There is no doubt that Maine is a cool weather state with only a few short months of summer sun. This makes choosing the best type of grass seed for a new lawn all the more important. Cool season grasses are the best option because they flourish during the hot days of summer after a long, freezing cold winter. When putting in a new lawn, choose from a variety of cool season grasses depending on traffic and time available for maintenance.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass: Grows dense and bright green to deep blue-green in color. Best used in low-medium trafficked areas.
  • Fine Fescue: Grows bright green in color and grows great in shady areas requiring little maintenance and moisture. Best used in moderately trafficked areas.
  • Tall Fescue: Grows thick and deep green in color. Tolerates highly trafficked areas, heat, and drought. Offers superb disease resistance.
  • Perennial Rye Grass: Grows bright green in color and is known for quick germination. Tolerates highly trafficked areas and requires little maintenance.

Help Putting in New Lawns in Maine

No time to put in a new lawn, no problem! Contact Beaulieu Industries today for a free site evaluation and estimate. We’ll be happy to do the work for you at an affordable price.


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Dress up a Drab YardWant to turn your drab yard into your own personal oasis? Well, there are 3 ways to do so. First, decide what it is you want to achieve, how much you want to spend and what you can do yourself.

Rock Walls

Rock walls can draw the eye to a section of the yard or hide what’s behind it. They can be used as dividers or to define individual gardens. A nice rock wall can dress up a drab foundation or make a an eye-catching retaining wall.

Trees, Shrubs & Bushes

Planting trees, shrubs and bushes in the right locations can turn a drab yard into a welcoming one. Always choose plantings based on your USDA zone and what you want to achieve. Do you want a stunning display of blossoms in the spring, shade in the summer or fruit and berries in the fall? Choose accordingly, keeping in mind maintenance and the size of the tree, shrub or bush when fully grown.

Pots and Planters

Spice up the yard with different sized pots and planters. Choose from an array of colors, textures and sizes. Place them along walkways, stairs and in the garden. Fill with nutritious potting soil made for containers and plant annuals and edibles.

Before endeavoring to dress up your drab yard, think ahead about how much time and money you have to spend. For large jobs, call in a local general contractor or landscaping company. They’ll be able to construct a rock wall or two and have the right equipment to plant larger trees and shrubs.

Which ways do your dress up your yard?

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Tree Removal Services in Maine
Loam for Sale in Lewiston, Maine

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Need some loam but not by the yard? Bring your 5 gallon pail to Beaulieu Industries and we’ll fill it up for you for $5 a pail. Contact Beaulieu Industries of Maine for directions and a date and time. Bringing your own pail(s) is a must.

Loam and Topsoil for Sale by the Yard in Maine

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Lawn_grassNow’s a good time to start reseeding your lawn and fixing any dead or bare patches. Before heading to the store and picking up any old bag of grass seed, there are a few things to consider. Choosing the right type of grass seed makes a big difference in how well your lawn grows.

Tips for Choosing Grass Seed

  • Cool/Warm Season Grasses: Choose according to the area in which you live
  • Use of Lawn: Consider use of the lawn and how much wear and tear it will receive and choose a grass that can handle its use
  • Maintenance: How much time do you have to mow, rake and water the grass? Choose a high or low maintenance type of grass seed accordingly

New Lawn Installation in Central Maine

Image: MichaelPloujnikov

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Located in Lewiston, Maine, Beaulieu Industries has loam for sale for the 2014 season. We offer delivery in and around Androscoggin county, or we’ll load you up if you’d rather come pick it up yourself.

Cost of Delivery

Delivery of loam in the Lewiston/Sabattus area is $16 per yard and $18 per yard for the Auburn/Poland area. If you come pick it up yourself we charge $12 a yard. For a complete price list of our materials, please click here.

We have loam for sale by the yard, or if you only need a few bucketfuls for your garden, we can supply that too. If you’re not sure how much loam you’ll need for your project, we’ll be happy to help you figure out how many yards you’ll need.

About Our Loam

Our loam doesn’t contain any fillers and is screened so it doesn’t contain any rocks or branches either. If you have a large project in Central Maine, we offer excavation services, which means we’ll not only deliver the loam, we’ll level it for you too.

How to Place an Order

Call Roger Beaulieu (240-4499) at Beaulieu Industries to place an order or contact us via email. We’ll set up a delivery/pick up date and time that’s convenient for you.

About Beaulieu Industries of Maine

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PrunedTreesShould you prune your own trees? The answer depends on the size of the job. If a pruning saw and lopper is all that is needed, then go ahead and do the pruning yourself. If scaling the tree and using a chainsaw is what the job calls for, call a professional to get the job done safely.

Reasons to Prune a Tree

  • Overall Tree Health: Removing diseased, damaged or dead branches allows the tree to focus its energy on growing new branches and putting out new buds, flowers and fruit.
  • Increase Air Circulation
  • Encourage New Growth
  • Shape the Tree
  • Remove Obstructive Branches
  • Make Tree Shorter

When to Prune a Tree

It’s best to prune a tree in late fall or winter while the tree is dormant. This reduces stress to the tree and helps prevent disease from spreading.

Professional Tree Removal Services in Central Maine

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Linum-ground-coverA common question among new home owners with a septic system is whether or not they can landscape over it. The answer is yes, with a few exceptions of course. Before calling in the landscapers or putting on your work gloves to do the work yourself, keep a few things in mind.

Where is Your Septic System Cap?

Seeing as the septic system needs to be pumped every 5-7 years or so, knowing where the cap to your septic system lies is important. This prevents having to poke around for it, sometimes digging up the landscaping, in order to find it. To help your septic system cap better blend in with the surrounding landscape you can purchase a cover (some are made to look like rocks).

Don’ts when Landscaping over a Septic System

  • Do NOT plant trees & bushes over the septic system. Strong root systems can cause cracks or damage. (plant at least 20 feet away from septic)
  • Do NOT use heavy machinery over the system – this can cause compaction
  • Do NOT till over the system – this can cause disturbance
  • Do NOT add more than 16 inches of landscape materials
  • Do NOT leave soil on top of septic bare as this can lead to erosion
  • Do NOT grow edible plants on the system

Do’s when Landscaping over a Septic System

  • Plant groundcovers/grasses that don’t require lots of water
  • There should be at least 6 inches of material over the system
  • Do plant plants with shallow root systems

As long as you stick to using plants that require little water and have shallow root systems, you can safely landscape over a septic system. Avoid as much traffic as possible over the system to further prevent compaction or disturbance  and to keep it in working order.

Additional Information on Septic Systems

Septic Systems: A Homeowner’s Guide

Image: Sten Porse

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