Who is Beaulieu Industries?

Beaulieu Industries is a family owned and operated general contracting company. We call Maine home and are based out of the city of Lewiston. Established in 1973, our name may have changed over the years from Beaulieu Logging to Beaulieu Brothers to Beaulieu Industries, but our hard work and loyalty to our customers hasn’t budged.

Beaulieu Industries prides itself on being an honest, fair, hardworking, and competitive general contractor. We are classified as a small business which makes us more readily available to you. That means you deal directly with the foreman/boss, Roger Beaulieu, from your free estimate, to the beginning and completion of your job. We primarily do business in central and southern Maine, which keeps us local.

What Beaulieu Industries Can do for You

Beaulieu Industries specializes in topsoil  and Excavation. We provide Loam, Clay, Gravel, Screened Gravel, and Sand from our own pits. This eliminates the middleman and keeps prices of materials more affordable to you, our valued customer. We will deliver any of these materials locally at your convenience or schedule a pick-up time for you to come by and get loaded.

Services Offered but Not Limited To:


Curbing Work






House Lots

Land Clearing


Parking Lots

Pipe Work

Site Restoration

Septic Systems

Sewer Lines

Commercial Snow Plowing

Water Lines


Beaulieu Industries Topsoil Price List 2019

Type of Soil

Price per Yard Delivered


$16 Lewiston/Sabattus Area


$18 Auburn/Poland Area

Screened Gravel








Beaulieu Industries delivers to Androscoggin and its surrounding counties. We have loam and other topsoil for sale by the yard. If you need less or want to come pick it up yourself from our business in Lewiston, Maine call ahead for a date and time.

Our topsoil is now available for delivery or pick up. Loam for sale is screened and contains no fillers.

Please contact Roger Beaulieu at 207.240.4499 to set up a deliver/pick up date/time.

Commercial Snow Plowing Services

Beaulieu Industries has 30+ years of experience when it comes to snow plowing, sanding and snow removal. We are currently accepting commercial snow plowing  jobs. Our list of references includes the city of Lewiston and its municipalities and schools. No general contracting job is too big or too small.

Private/Residential, Commercial, & Municipalities

We accept Private/Residential, Commercial, and Municipal jobs. Contact us for a list of references, with questions, to set up a time for your FREE ESTIMATE or for full contact information.

Contact Beaulieu Industries

Email:  @ BeaulieuIndustries[@]gmail.com

Tel: Roger Beaulieu 207-240-4499 

Remember, “We’ll dig anything but your wallet!”

Mowing the Lawn-Half-Cut

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Late summer is a great time of year for many things, but is putting in a new lawn one of them? According to the University of Maine’s Cooperative Extension, late summer is the best time of year to seed a lawn in Maine. Why? The soil is still warm enabling grass seed to quickly set roots and establish themselves. Furthermore, weeds are on their way out, meaning less competition with newly seeded grass.

Best Type of Grass Seed

There is no doubt that Maine is a cool weather state with only a few short months of summer sun. This makes choosing the best type of grass seed for a new lawn all the more important. Cool season grasses are the best option because they flourish during the hot days of summer after a long, freezing cold winter. When putting in a new lawn, choose from a variety of cool season grasses depending on traffic and time available for maintenance.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass: Grows dense and bright green to deep blue-green in color. Best used in low-medium trafficked areas.
  • Fine Fescue: Grows bright green in color and grows great in shady areas requiring little maintenance and moisture. Best used in moderately trafficked areas.
  • Tall Fescue: Grows thick and deep green in color. Tolerates highly trafficked areas, heat, and drought. Offers superb disease resistance.
  • Perennial Rye Grass: Grows bright green in color and is known for quick germination. Tolerates highly trafficked areas and requires little maintenance.

Help Putting in New Lawns in Maine

No time to put in a new lawn, no problem! Contact Beaulieu Industries today for a free site evaluation and estimate. We’ll be happy to do the work for you at an affordable price.

PICT0121Is naming our winter storms really necessary? I mean, we’ve gotten by for centuries without attaching a name to a significant amount of snowfall, so why for the past year has the media been giving them names? Are winter storm names designed to keep people informed or are they a convenient ploy by the media to up their ratings? Maybe a bit of both?

Who Decides What to Name Winter Storms?

The Weather Channel, with the help of a high school Latin class out of Montana, has compiled a list of names to be attached alphabetically to what the channel refers to as “noteworthy winter storms.”  For a peak at these names and what they stand for, visit weather.com and wait for winter to deposit one of these named storms near you.

Why are Winter Storms Named?

The Weather Channel cites safety as one of the reasons for naming winter storms. Much like hurricanes, a winter storm with a name attached to it garners a lot more attention. They are also easier to follow from one region to the next and seem to get people talking on social media a plus for the station and other media outlets.

Winter Road Safety

Beaulieu IndustriesWe’ve all been there. We’re running late for work, school or picking up the kids from daycare and there’s a plow truck in front of us crawling at a snails pace. We sigh, slam our hands on the steering wheel and glance at the time all while saying come on, come on. Should you blow the horn? Make a pass?

No, unless it’s a two lane road and there is plenty of room to safely make a go around. Chances are if you’re out braving the storm with the public works department, the roads are slick and narrow as it is.

The best advice is to slow down and be patient. If you are attempting a pass on a two lane road, make sure you can see who’s coming at you and behind. The last thing you want is to cause a crash or end up in the ditch – then you’ll really be late to wherever it is you’re going.

Safety Tips for Following Snow Vehicles

  • Remember, if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you
  • Drivers have a limited view in their trucks, so they may not see you
  • Snow plows can extend up to several feet beyond the truck
  • Leave room for plow trucks no matter which lanes they are traveling in
  • Chances are, the plow will cross over the center line or lane divider
  • Watch out for snow flying up and around the plow truck, it will reduce visibility
  • NEVER pass on a hill, curve, bridge or ramp
  • Not all snow vehicles are city vehicles (many cities use local contractors for snow work)

Please remember that plow trucks and city sanders are out working hard to keep our roads, schools and city parking lots clean and clear, and most importantly, safe for us to use. After all, we at Beaulieu Industries should know, we’ve been plowing for the city of Lewiston for over 30 years and we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to winter and road safety in Maine.

Report an Issue (Lewiston, ME Only)

We might be changing the look and feel of our blog here at Beaulieu Industries, but our commitment to providing useful and up-to-date home improvement/construction information remains the same. As we break in 2014, we’re striving to let you get to know us better by opening up a little and letting you see what our family owned and operated business is all about.

While you get to know us better, you’ll also be able to browse topics that will help you enhance your own home from lawn and garden care, drainage issues, driveway dilemmas and much, much more. We look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Dress up a Drab YardWant to turn your drab yard into your own personal oasis? Well, there are 3 ways to do so. First, decide what it is you want to achieve, how much you want to spend and what you can do yourself.

Rock Walls

Rock walls can draw the eye to a section of the yard or hide what’s behind it. They can be used as dividers or to define individual gardens. A nice rock wall can dress up a drab foundation or make a an eye-catching retaining wall.

Trees, Shrubs & Bushes

Planting trees, shrubs and bushes in the right locations can turn a drab yard into a welcoming one. Always choose plantings based on your USDA zone and what you want to achieve. Do you want a stunning display of blossoms in the spring, shade in the summer or fruit and berries in the fall? Choose accordingly, keeping in mind maintenance and the size of the tree, shrub or bush when fully grown.

Pots and Planters

Spice up the yard with different sized pots and planters. Choose from an array of colors, textures and sizes. Place them along walkways, stairs and in the garden. Fill with nutritious potting soil made for containers and plant annuals and edibles.

Before endeavoring to dress up your drab yard, think ahead about how much time and money you have to spend. For large jobs, call in a local general contractor or landscaping company. They’ll be able to construct a rock wall or two and have the right equipment to plant larger trees and shrubs.

Which ways do your dress up your yard?

About Beaulieu Industries of Maine
Tree Removal Services in Maine
Loam for Sale in Lewiston, Maine

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Need some loam but not by the yard? Bring your 5 gallon pail to Beaulieu Industries and we’ll fill it up for you for $5 a pail. Contact Beaulieu Industries of Maine for directions and a date and time. Bringing your own pail(s) is a must.

Loam and Topsoil for Sale by the Yard in Maine

Lawn_grassNow’s a good time to start reseeding your lawn and fixing any dead or bare patches. Before heading to the store and picking up any old bag of grass seed, there are a few things to consider. Choosing the right type of grass seed makes a big difference in how well your lawn grows.

Tips for Choosing Grass Seed

  • Cool/Warm Season Grasses: Choose according to the area in which you live
  • Use of Lawn: Consider use of the lawn and how much wear and tear it will receive and choose a grass that can handle its use
  • Maintenance: How much time do you have to mow, rake and water the grass? Choose a high or low maintenance type of grass seed accordingly

New Lawn Installation in Central Maine

Image: MichaelPloujnikov