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Mowing the Lawn-Half-Cut

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Late summer is a great time of year for many things, but is putting in a new lawn one of them? According to the University of Maine’s Cooperative Extension, late summer is the best time of year to seed a lawn in Maine. Why? The soil is still warm enabling grass seed to quickly set roots and establish themselves. Furthermore, weeds are on their way out, meaning less competition with newly seeded grass.

Best Type of Grass Seed

There is no doubt that Maine is a cool weather state with only a few short months of summer sun. This makes choosing the best type of grass seed for a new lawn all the more important. Cool season grasses are the best option because they flourish during the hot days of summer after a long, freezing cold winter. When putting in a new lawn, choose from a variety of cool season grasses depending on traffic and time available for maintenance.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass: Grows dense and bright green to deep blue-green in color. Best used in low-medium trafficked areas.
  • Fine Fescue: Grows bright green in color and grows great in shady areas requiring little maintenance and moisture. Best used in moderately trafficked areas.
  • Tall Fescue: Grows thick and deep green in color. Tolerates highly trafficked areas, heat, and drought. Offers superb disease resistance.
  • Perennial Rye Grass: Grows bright green in color and is known for quick germination. Tolerates highly trafficked areas and requires little maintenance.

Help Putting in New Lawns in Maine

No time to put in a new lawn, no problem! Contact Beaulieu Industries today for a free site evaluation and estimate. We’ll be happy to do the work for you at an affordable price.


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Need some loam but not by the yard? Bring your 5 gallon pail to Beaulieu Industries and we’ll fill it up for you for $5 a pail. Contact Beaulieu Industries of Maine for directions and a date and time. Bringing your own pail(s) is a must.

Loam and Topsoil for Sale by the Yard in Maine

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Located in Lewiston, Maine, Beaulieu Industries has loam for sale for the 2014 season. We offer delivery in and around Androscoggin county, or we’ll load you up if you’d rather come pick it up yourself.

Cost of Delivery

Delivery of loam in the Lewiston/Sabattus area is $16 per yard and $18 per yard for the Auburn/Poland area. If you come pick it up yourself we charge $12 a yard. For a complete price list of our materials, please click here.

We have loam for sale by the yard, or if you only need a few bucketfuls for your garden, we can supply that too. If you’re not sure how much loam you’ll need for your project, we’ll be happy to help you figure out how many yards you’ll need.

About Our Loam

Our loam doesn’t contain any fillers and is screened so it doesn’t contain any rocks or branches either. If you have a large project in Central Maine, we offer excavation services, which means we’ll not only deliver the loam, we’ll level it for you too.

How to Place an Order

Call Roger Beaulieu (240-4499) at Beaulieu Industries to place an order or contact us via email. We’ll set up a delivery/pick up date and time that’s convenient for you.

About Beaulieu Industries of Maine

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If you are a homeowner in need of a copy of the design of your septic system, there are two official options to go through in order to obtain one. Your local town office/city hall or the Division of Environmental Health should be able to help.

First, check with your town hall and request a copy of the permit application for installation of the septic system which will include a copy of the design, called an HHE-200 Form. If the town has no copy, contact the Division of Environmental Health in the state of Maine with your request.

Septic systems installed after July of 1974 should be in the system as per the Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules of 1974. For help finding your town’s official state of Maine website, check out the state’s government portal.

Additional Information on Septic Systems

Septic Systems: A Homeowner’s Guide

Source: Maine.gov

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Intake Manifold For SaleFor sale – intake manifold – Asking $50.00. Located in Lewiston, ME. We’ll ship if you pay shipping and handling. We’ll find the best price to get the intake manifold to where you are. Contact us for more information or to make an offer.

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Hurricane Sandy has blown in and out here in Maine and other parts of the north. While Maine didn’t receive the destruction other North Eastern states like Connecticut and New Jersey did, many of us still have lots to cleanup in our yards. When the weather settles in your area and it’s safe to head outdoors, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to cleanup after Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Supplies

Depending on the amount of destruction left in your yard, you may need to pick up a few supplies before your cleanup process can begin.

Work Gloves
Wheel Barrow
Safety Goggles
Steel Toed Boots

Tips for Safe Yard Cleanup

I think this goes without saying, but if there are any downed wires in your yard do not try to handle them yourself – call the proper utility company and report the downed wires to them. If a tree, branch or other debris has fallen on the wires, do not remove it yourself – report this to the utility company as well.

Pick up all Branches
Hand Cut Felled Trees for Easier Removal (for large trees you may need to call in a professional)
Collect & Bag Debris
Rake Up Broken Glass & Dispose
Clear Drainage Ditches
Clean Exterior Windows

Professional Yard Cleanup

In some cases, when a large tree needs removal or a washed out gravel road needs repair, you may need to call in a professional for cleanup and repairs. If that’s the case, get on the phone and call your trusted general contractor as soon as possible. Remember – always think safety first.

Tree Removal in Central Maine
Gravel Roadway/Driveway Repair in Central Maine
Drainage Installation in Central Maine

With all the weird weather we’ve been having here in Maine and the Northeast, do you think it’s a precursor to what we’ll see this winter?

Image: Ks0stm/CC-BY-SA-3.0

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We’re quickly heading into October and you know what that means – firewood season. If you haven’t already, now is the time to place your order and get that wood stacked or brought in before the temperatures get any cooler.

Look for a reputable firewood dealer in your area and make sure the wood you’re buying is seasoned. Seasoned wood is much easier to light than green wood and burns hotter and longer. Basically, you’ll be getting more for your money with seasoned firewood.

Buying wood now, while it’s still abundant, will cost you less. When supplies start to dwindle, prices per cord of wood go up. Many dealers will even deliver to your home if you live within so many miles of their location at little or no cost to you if you order now.

The state of Maine has a list of firewood dealers on their website. The list isn’t comprehensive, but is a great place to start when looking for a dealer in your area. You can also ask family, friends and neighbors for a recommendation.

Here at Beaulieu Industries, we’ve already started bringing our wood in while the outside temperature is still relatively warm. We get a handful of calls each fall from people wondering if we still sell firewood. Unfortunately we don’t sell wood anymore, but will be happy to give you a recommendation for a firewood dealer in the Lewiston area.

For more information on firewood, how much wood is in a cord, how to stack it and keep it bug free and lots more helpful tips, check out our free online Guide to Firewood.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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