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Need some loam but not by the yard? Bring your 5 gallon pail to Beaulieu Industries and we’ll fill it up for you for $5 a pail. Contact Beaulieu Industries of Maine for directions and a date and time. Bringing your own pail(s) is a must.

Loam and Topsoil for Sale by the Yard in Maine


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Located in Lewiston, Maine, Beaulieu Industries has loam for sale for the 2014 season. We offer delivery in and around Androscoggin county, or we’ll load you up if you’d rather come pick it up yourself.

Cost of Delivery

Delivery of loam in the Lewiston/Sabattus area is $16 per yard and $18 per yard for the Auburn/Poland area. If you come pick it up yourself we charge $12 a yard. For a complete price list of our materials, please click here.

We have loam for sale by the yard, or if you only need a few bucketfuls for your garden, we can supply that too. If you’re not sure how much loam you’ll need for your project, we’ll be happy to help you figure out how many yards you’ll need.

About Our Loam

Our loam doesn’t contain any fillers and is screened so it doesn’t contain any rocks or branches either. If you have a large project in Central Maine, we offer excavation services, which means we’ll not only deliver the loam, we’ll level it for you too.

How to Place an Order

Call Roger Beaulieu (240-4499) at Beaulieu Industries to place an order or contact us via email. We’ll set up a delivery/pick up date and time that’s convenient for you.

About Beaulieu Industries of Maine

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Thinking about putting in a new lawn or garden? Then, in most cases, loam is the best topsoil to use. A healthy lawn requires fertile, well draining soil and most gardens prefer the same.

Why Loam is the Best Lawn and Garden Soil

  • Fertile
  • Drains Well
  • Retains Moisture
  • Made of Organic Ingredients
  • Anchors Roots Well
  • Workable
  • Easy to Till
  • Can be Amended

Topsoil for Sale in Lewiston, Maine

How to Tell if Loam is Good

Before shelling out money for loam, make sure you are getting exactly what you are paying for. The best loam is screened, and contains no fillers.

  • Dark in color
  • Has an earthy smell
  • Should not contain any fillers – some contractors mix loam with sand or other fillers
  • Should not contain rocks, sticks or other debris
  • Should fall through fingers

Note: Always check the soil requirements before doing any planting. Some vegetables and plants prefer a more sandy soil such as root vegetables. In the north, many flowers, trees and shrubs grow best in loamy soil.

About Beaulieu Industries of Maine

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Beaulieu Industries 2012 Topsoil Price List

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Here in Maine we’ve had a lot of saturating rain this spring which has made those of us that sell topsoil groan. When topsoil such as loam is wet, it’s heavy and hard to work with. It’s a pain to deal with, so what can you do to speed the drying process along and make wet loam workable?

Tips for Working with Wet Loam

Spread it Out: Even if loam is wet, spread it out as much as possible in its designated areas. While a pile of wet loam may be too heavy to spread in its entirety, spreading a little at a time goes along way.

Each day, as the loam begins to dry, it gets lighter and another layer becomes workable. This process may take a few days but the work is well worth it the payout.

Till: Sometimes wet loam dries into clumps of all sizes. When the loam is almost dry, till it to work the clumps loose. This makes working the loam much easier.

Leaving wet loam in a pile to dry could take weeks to accomplish depending on the depth of the pile and the weather. So, give yourself a head start and level the pile in stages and then give it a good tilling.

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Beaulieu Industries Topsoil Price List 2012

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Type of Soil

Price per Yard Delivered


$16 Lewiston/Sabattus Area


$18 Auburn/Poland Area

Screened Gravel








Beaulieu Industries delivers topsoil to Androscoggin and its surrounding counties. We have loam and other topsoil for sale by the yard. If you need less or want to come pick it up yourself from our business in Lewiston, Maine call ahead for a date and time.

Our topsoil will be available this spring for delivery or pick up. Loam for sale is screened and contains no fillers.

Please email us @ beaulieuindustries[@]gmail.com or call 207-240-4499 and speak to Roger Beaulieu to schedule a delivery. We handle small and large orders including municipalities.

About Beaulieu Industries of Maine

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Loam is the Best Soil for New Lawns

A Guide to New Lawns: DIY Start to Finish

Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the North

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When seeding a lawn, site preparation is the first step you should take. How much new soil, if any, depends on what the site for your new lawn was previously used for.

Are you seeding a lawn where one previously grew? If so, did you have trouble getting grass to grow and keeping it full and healthy? If that’s the case, adding a layer of screened loam is necessary. When grass doesn’t grow or grows patchy, the soil is likely lacking vital nutrients needed to feed and nourish the grass.

If you’re seeding a lawn completely from scratch, you’ll need to add a substantial base of screened loam. Loam is the best soil to use for lawns because it’s made up of a mix of silt, clay, sand, and decaying organic matter, all of which contains nutrients.

Screened loam is loose and easy to till. Grass seed has an easier time establishing and spreading its roots in clump-free soil. Loam retains moisture while draining excess water at the same time.

Before spreading seed, make sure to till the soil and remove any rocks, weeds, or debris. Weeds fight with grass for nutrients, water, and room to grow. Rocks and other types of debris make it harder for grass seed to establish itself and can lead to an uneven lawn.

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Beaulieu Industries Topsoil Price List 2012

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What is gravel?Depending on which area of the country you live in, spring and summer are the most common times to buy earth materials to use around your yard and perhaps in different parts of your property. By earth materials I mean loam, gravel, sand, and clay.

You know you need a little extra something for your garden, landscaping project, or driveway etc., you’re just not sure what. Below is a list of each of the materials noted above, what they are, and how they are best used.


What is Gravel? Basically, gravel is made up of tiny rocks. Gravel is much grainier than loam and has a lighter, sandier color. Gravel is used for lots of different landscaping projects and in roads and driveways.

There are several different types of gravel called grades. The grade depends on the size of the tiny rocks, range and mineral type among other less important characteristics.


Loam is a popular material especially for home garden and lawn projects. Loam is a rich material and dark in color. What makes loam the perfect material for growing your favorite flowers and vegetables and even your lawn?

Loam is actually a mixture of different materials including clay, sand, and decomposing organic materials. This is what makes loam so fertile, helps it to retain moisture, allows for air penetration, and drainage.


Sand is a material that occurs naturally. That is why there are so many sand pits scattered around the country, especially in rural areas. Sand is a mix of mineral particles and fine rocks that have been divided.

Sand is used for some agricultural projects such as growing peanuts and is often added to other materials such as loam to grow carrots. It’s also used in lots of different landscaping projects. Sand makes for great drainage and traction when it comes to icy roads.


Clay is another material that occurs naturally and is used for more than art projects. Clay is sometimes mixed in with other materials such as loam and is commonly used in construction and building materials.  When clay is dry it’s hard and cracks, when wet it’s almost plastic like and easy to manipulate.

Materials are commonly sold by the yard from local construction companies. If you’re going to be purchasing loam for your lawn and garden projects, always make sure it’s screened. This means it will be free of rocks, sticks, and other debris.

You may be thinking; where can I buy gravel? Check in the yellow pages under general contractors or construction. Websites such as craigslist or advertisements in your local paper are also great resources.

If you need any advice on which materials to use for your next project, just drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help and answer any of your questions.


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