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PICT0121Is naming our winter storms really necessary? I mean, we’ve gotten by for centuries without attaching a name to a significant amount of snowfall, so why for the past year has the media been giving them names? Are winter storm names designed to keep people informed or are they a convenient ploy by the media to up their ratings? Maybe a bit of both?

Who Decides What to Name Winter Storms?

The Weather Channel, with the help of a high school Latin class out of Montana, has compiled a list of names to be attached alphabetically to what the channel refers to as “noteworthy winter storms.”  For a peak at these names and what they stand for, visit weather.com and wait for winter to deposit one of these named storms near you.

Why are Winter Storms Named?

The Weather Channel cites safety as one of the reasons for naming winter storms. Much like hurricanes, a winter storm with a name attached to it garners a lot more attention. They are also easier to follow from one region to the next and seem to get people talking on social media a plus for the station and other media outlets.


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