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Ever driven by a home and seen a sign that reads “Clean Fill Wanted”? Ever wondered what that really means? There are 5 types of fill commonly used in construction from filling in gaping holes and evening out the landscape. Before posting your own “Clean Fill Wanted” sign or placing an order from your local construction company, learn about the different types and what they are best used for.

Types of Fill

  • Organic Topsoil
  • Inorganic Topsoil
  • Sand/Gravel
  • Rock Fill
  • Compost/Mulch/Manure

1. Organic Topsoil

Organic topsoil doesn’t contain any chemicals or other pollutants and has very few rocks and debris. This is the best type of fill for gardens and landscaping or filling in small holes and depressions.

2. Inorganic Topsoil

This type of fill does contain some amount of debris such as roots or stone. It’s not as nutritious as organic topsoil and is best used to fill in large holes and depressions. Do not order inorganic fill, clean or otherwise, for growing lawns and plants.

3. Sand/Gravel

Some fill comes in the form of sand, gravel or rock or a mix of the three. This type of fill shouldn’t be used for landscaping but works great for filling in large holes and leveling land. Most sand and gravel fill is hauled off of job sites and may contain rocks.

4. Rock Fill

Rock fill comes in the form of different sized rocks. This type of fill is great for filling in large areas and decorating the landscape. Use rock fill to build raised garden beds, borders and walls.

5. Compost/Mulch/Manure

This type of fill is made up of organic materials, is full of nutrients and great for gardens. It’s recommended for new gardens or those that need a heavy dose of fertilizer.

When placing an order for fill, make sure that it is “clean.” Clean fill doesn’t contain large rocks and other debris. To order clean fill in Central Maine, contact Beaulieu Industries of Lewiston to place your order. We’ll help you decide on which type of fill best suits your needs and calculate how much you need.

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Site restoration is pretty much exactly how it sounds; restoring the site, or your piece of property, to as close to its original grade and vegetative surface as possible. If you need a site partially or fully restored in central Maine, Beaulieu Industries of Lewiston is a qualified and experienced general contractor that can handle the restoration process from start to finish.

Site restoration involves different stages of work depending on the specific needs of the site and owner’s preferences. We put together a summary of what site restoration typically involves to help guide you through the process. We’ve also included a handful of reasons why site restoration may be needed.

About the Site Restoration Process

Each site restoration process is different depending on the size and needs of the project. The basics include the following.

  • Hauling in Fill (type/amount of fill varies with project)
  • Leveling
  • Grading
  • Resurfacing (gravel, tar etc.)
  • Restoring Vegetation (grass, tress & shrubs etc.)

Reasons for Site Restoration in Central Maine

  • Floods
  • Natural Disaster
  • Fire
  • Excavation Work
  • Demolition
  • Other Construction

Site Restoration in Central Maine

Contact Beaulieu Industries today for your free estimate on your site restoration or other general contracting needs.

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Water lines connect your house to the main water line located in the street. They’re responsible for moving water to  your home and keeping a constant supply of clean water available every time the tap is turned on.

Sometimes, water lines need to be replaced due to their age or insufficient size – not enough water running through the pipe resulting in low flow or, a new structure has been built where there are no existing water lines.

If you live in central Maine and are looking for a professional general contractor to install water lines to your home, business or camp, contact Beaulieu Industries of Lewiston today for a free estimate. We’ll access the site where the water lines are to be replaced or located and give you a fair and competitive estimate including equipment rentals, labor and supplies.

Beaulieu Industries will secure the necessary permits and call Dig Safe to ensure it’s safe to dig in that specific area before any work begins. We will install your water lines efficiently and cleanly, so no dirt or debris gets in the lines and travels into the house.

You can contact Beaulieu Industries at 240-4499 and be connected directly to Roger Beaulieu (owner/operator) or fill out the contact form below. Contact us with questions or for a free estimate today.

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Beaulieu Industries has 30+ years of experience when it comes to snow plowing, sanding, and snow removal. We are currently accepting commercial, municipal and private snow plowing jobs. Our list of references include the city of Lewiston and its municipalities and schools.

Our snow plowing services include plowing, sanding and snow removal. Sidewalks and walkways are included along with parking lots, roadways and parking garages. We own and operate our own equipment and are fully insured.

Private/Residential, Commercial, & Municipalities

We accept Private/Residential, Commercial, and Municipal jobs. Contact us for a list of references, with questions or to set up a time for your FREE ESTIMATE.

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Buying a new lot here in Maine is a great way to build a brand new home, camp or business from the ground up. Not every lot is ready for building from the get go. When trees, brush and boulders make up the majority of the landscape, the land must be cleared before any building can begin.

Land Clearing may Require the Removal of:

  • Trees
  • Brush
  • Stumps
  • Boulders

Taking on the work of clearing a piece of land yourself can be a lot of work. If you don’t have the time, expertise or right equipment, you should consider hiring a professional to do the work for you. Not only will the work go a lot faster, it will also be safer and most likely end up costing you less money in the long run.

Beaulieu Industries, based out of Lewiston, Maine, is a general contracting company with experience in land clearing. Roger Beaulieu started his own logging business forty years ago. Clearing wood lots, chipping and running a log yard gave Roger plenty of hands on experience and turned Beaulieu Industries into the general contracting business it is today.

Here’s What to Expect:

  • On-Site Walk-Through of Lot
  • Assessment: What is to be Cleared
  • Staking/Marking Areas to be Cleared
  • Land Clearing
  • Stump Removal
  • Hauling of Cleared Debris

Contact Beaulieu Industries today for a free on-site walk-through and competitive estimate for your land clearing needs.

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Though a foundation typically isn’t seen, it shouldn’t be forgotten. Foundations are extremely important during and after the construction of new buildings. The foundation transfers the weight of the roof, walls and floors to the ground below. It is “the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level.” (Google)

Types of Building Foundations (Common in U.S.)

  • Crawlspace: Common in areas with heavy clay content in the soil. Offers little room between the soil and first floor.
  • Full-Height Basement: Common in cold climates. Offers more head room between the soil and the first floor.
  • Slab on Grade: Common in areas with a high water table. No room between soil and first floor. A concrete slab is poured on top of the grade.

Here in Maine, we experience frost and freezing and thawing temperatures. Foundations in our area need to be below the frost line to prevent damage as frost comes out of the ground.

Also, all foundations must be built to code. This means following the requirements and codes set by the city/town where the work is to be performed.

Benefits of Sound Foundation Design

Sound foundation design and installation are critical because it saves homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs in the future by avoiding serious structural problems.

Other benefits include:

  • Energy Savings (Insulated – reduced utility bills)
  • Water/Moisture Control
  • Termite Control
  • Radon Control (In areas where this is a concern)
  • Prevent Structural Damage (Related to faulty foundation)
  • Creation of Useable Space

Overview of Foundation Design

Several aspects go into the design of a foundation, some of which are left to the discretion of the homeowner.

  • Choose Foundation Type (Listed Above)
  • Use of Basement (Heated or Cooled)
  • Select Construction System (Concrete/Masonry/Wood)
  • Insulation Placement/Amount
  • Finalize Construction Details
  • Finalize Plans/Documents

Foundation Work in Central Maine

Contact Beaulieu Industries of Lewiston for a free on-site assessment and estimate of foundation work in central Maine. With 40+ years of experience in the construction industry, we’ll get the job done right and up to code at a fair cost.

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Demolition work is often used in construction. In some cases, an old structure must come down before a new one can go up. Much like cities and towns, some homeowners are in need demolition work as well.

Who Needs Demolition Work?

Municipalities, businesses, and private residences all benefit from demolition work. In some cases, a structure has been condemned and must come down. In other cases, a homeowner may want a shed or garage torn down and removed from their property.

A developer may have purchased property with an existing structure and want to build something new. The reasons for demolition work go on and on.

Types of Demolition Work

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Environmental Remediation

Why Demolition Work is Needed

Demolition work is needed when a structure must be demolished out of necessity or preference. Sometimes, partial demolition work is needed when only a portion of a structure comes down.

  • Condemned Structures
  • Removal of Structures
  • Construction of New Structures
  • Renovations
  • House Flipping

Types of Structures Commonly Demolished

  • Houses
  • Garages
  • Structures
  • Sheds
  • Barns
  • Buildings
  • Swimming Pools
  • Underground Tanks
  • Asphalt/Concrete

Safety First

People hire companies like Beaulieu Industries for demolition work is because safety is an issue. Only those with experience should take on demolition work because they have the expertise and equipment to get the job done safely, legally, and on time.

Permits and Regulations

Permits are required in most towns in cities in the State of Maine before any demolition work can be started. Cities and towns have their own Code of Ordinances and permit fee schedules.

Central Maine Demolition Work

If you live in central Maine and need demolition work, contact Beaulieu Industries about our demolition services. Here’s what we do for you:

  • Walk Through of Demolition Site
  • Free Estimate
  • Apply for Necessary Permits
  • Contact Dig Safe etc.: Needed to make sure no utilities are buried on demolition site. If utilities are on site we have them properly disconnected before beginning demolition work
  • Inspection: Inspections are required mostly in older homes and structures to ensure there are no hazardous materials like lead paint or asbestos in the structure. These must be properly removed and disposed of as regulated by the state
  • Demolition
  • Removal of Debris

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