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Septic systems are life-savers for those living in rural areas where connecting to the main sewer line isn’t an option. They enable household waste to safely drain away from the house uninterrupted without polluting or causing harm to the environment.

Beaulieu Industries, a Lewiston, Maine based general contractor, is an experienced and qualified septic system installer. We begin by helping you choose the right type of septic system to suit your household needs and requirements.

We handle the entire installation process from excavating the site, installing the system, including the pipe work, and get you safely hooked up to your new, ready to use septic system.

Once your septic system has been installed, we provide you with tips on how to run and maintain your septic for years to come including pumping and what should and shouldn’t be put down the drain.

Central Maine Septic System Installation

If you’re looking for an experienced and qualified general contractor to safely install a septic system on your property, contact Beaulieu Industries of Lewiston today. We’ll address any needs and concerns you may have, help you choose the best type of septic system for you and give you a fair and competitive estimate.

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Need a sewer line installed from your home, business or other dwelling in central Maine? Beaulieu Industries of Lewiston can handle the installation process for you. We have over 30+ years of experience in the general contracting business and are qualified to install your new sewer line from start to finish.

If you’re not on a septic system, sewer lines are your home or businesses life line for waste disposal. A sewer line is responsible for carrying waste to the main sewer beneath the city street. In order for the sewer line to function properly and efficiently for years to come, it must be installed by a qualified and experienced general contractor.

Sewer Line Installation by Beaulieu Industries

Free Estimate: Includes labor, machine rentals & supplies
Dig Safe/On Target: Ensure no utilities are buried on excavation site
Permits: Get the legal okay from the city to proceed
Schematics: Review plans & finalize details
Excavation: Dig up existing sewer line or excavate for new one
Installation: Install new sewer line & hook it up to main sewer
Restore Site: Grade and resurface excavation site to original condition

For your free estimate on sewer line installation in central Maine, contact Beaulieu Industries today. Roger Beaulieu, owner/operator, will get back to you in a timely manner to discuss your needs, set up a time to evaluate the site and provide you with a competitive and free estimate. We’ll be happy to provide you with references upon request.

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Site restoration is pretty much exactly how it sounds; restoring the site, or your piece of property, to as close to its original grade and vegetative surface as possible. If you need a site partially or fully restored in central Maine, Beaulieu Industries of Lewiston is a qualified and experienced general contractor that can handle the restoration process from start to finish.

Site restoration involves different stages of work depending on the specific needs of the site and owner’s preferences. We put together a summary of what site restoration typically involves to help guide you through the process. We’ve also included a handful of reasons why site restoration may be needed.

About the Site Restoration Process

Each site restoration process is different depending on the size and needs of the project. The basics include the following.

  • Hauling in Fill (type/amount of fill varies with project)
  • Leveling
  • Grading
  • Resurfacing (gravel, tar etc.)
  • Restoring Vegetation (grass, tress & shrubs etc.)

Reasons for Site Restoration in Central Maine

  • Floods
  • Natural Disaster
  • Fire
  • Excavation Work
  • Demolition
  • Other Construction

Site Restoration in Central Maine

Contact Beaulieu Industries today for your free estimate on your site restoration or other general contracting needs.

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Who is Beaulieu Industries?

Beaulieu Industries is a family owned and operated general contracting company. We call Maine home and are based out of the city of Lewiston. Established in 1973, our name may have changed over the years from Beaulieu Logging to Beaulieu Brothers to Beaulieu Industries, but our hard work and loyalty to our customers hasn’t budged.

Beaulieu Industries prides itself on being an honest, fair, hardworking, and competitive general contractor. We are classified as a small business which makes us more readily available to you. That means you deal directly with the foreman/boss, Roger Beaulieu, from your free estimate, to the beginning and completion of your job. We primarily do business in central and southern Maine, which keeps us local.

What Beaulieu Industries Can do for You

Beaulieu Industries specializes in topsoil  and Excavation. We provide Loam, Clay, Gravel, Screened Gravel, and Sand from our own pits. This eliminates the middleman and keeps prices of materials more affordable to you, our valued customer. We will deliver any of these materials locally at your convenience or schedule a pick-up time for you to come by and get loaded.

Services Offered but Not Limited To:


Curbing Work






House Lots

Land Clearing


Parking Lots

Pipe Work

Site Restoration

Septic Systems

Sewer Lines

Commercial Snow Plowing

Water Lines


Beaulieu Industries Topsoil Price List 2018

Type of Soil

Price per Yard Delivered


$16 Lewiston/Sabattus Area


$18 Auburn/Poland Area

Screened Gravel








Beaulieu Industries delivers to Androscoggin and its surrounding counties. We have loam and other topsoil for sale by the yard. If you need less or want to come pick it up yourself from our business in Lewiston, Maine call ahead for a date and time.

Our topsoil is now available for delivery or pick up. Loam for sale is screened and contains no fillers.

Please contact Roger Beaulieu at 207.240.4499 to set up a deliver/pick up date/time.

Commercial Snow Plowing Services

Beaulieu Industries has 30+ years of experience when it comes to snow plowing, sanding and snow removal. We are currently accepting commercial snow plowing  jobs. Our list of references includes the city of Lewiston and its municipalities and schools. No general contracting job is too big or too small.

Private/Residential, Commercial, & Municipalities

We accept Private/Residential, Commercial, and Municipal jobs. Contact us for a list of references, with questions, to set up a time for your FREE ESTIMATE or for full contact information.

Contact Beaulieu Industries

Email:  @ BeaulieuIndustries[@]gmail.com

Tel: Roger Beaulieu 207-240-4499 

Remember, “We’ll dig anything but your wallet!”

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Home construction projects can get quite expensive especially when you hire a general contractor in your area to do the work for you. With that being said, hiring a general contractor that you trust and will see the construction project through from start to finish is a must.

What to Look for in General Contractors

Experience: Are they qualified to do the work you want done? What experience do they have and how long have they been in business? Ask for references and pictures of works in progress and in completion.

Note: The length of time a general contractor has been in business is not always an indication of how well their work is.

License and Insurance: Always ask for a copy of their contractor’s license and insurance. If hiring a general contractor with employees, ask for a copy of their workers compensation insurance as well.

Note: Look for dates. The general contractor’s license should be current and insurance should be valid through the time it will take to complete your home construction project.

Contracts: Request a copy of the contract your general contractor wants to have you sign. Make sure you agree with everything stated in the contract. Keep an eye out for terminology you don’t understand and find out exactly what it means to keep from getting bamboozled.

Note: Always request a copy of the contract once you and your general contractor have both signed it for your own records.

Supervision: Who will be supervising your home construction project? Will it be the general contractor himself, a foreman, or a subcontractor?

Subcontractors: Is your general contractor going to hire any subcontractors to help complete your home construction project? If so how many and what exactly will they be doing?

Note: Always make sure subcontractors are reliable and reputable as well.

Guarantees: Does the general contractor offer any guarantees or warranties? Make sure these are clearly indicated in your contract.

When you hire a general contractor in your area always listen to your instinct. If something sounds off or something about the contract doesn’t seem right, check into it before signing the contract and before work begins.

Are there any tips you can share with others looking to hire a general contractor?

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Are you having a catch basin installed on your property? Maybe you’re pretty handy around the house and have decided to take the initiative to install one yourself. Whatever the case, you want to know what’s going on and what to expect from your trusted general contractor or from yourself.

For the purpose of this post, we’re talking about a catch basin installed along the curbing on the street in front of your house. Installing a catch basin at this location keeps debris such as trash and branches from clogging your sewer and prevents drainage problems.

Step 1: Determining Where the Catch Basin Installation Will Take Place

Your general contractor will determine this location for you. They will mark the area where the catch basin installation will take place, secure the proper permits, and call Dig Safe or the utilities commission in your area to make sure it is safe to dig.

Step 2: Measuring Depth


The catch basin itself needs to be buried slightly below the pavement or grade. Your general contractor will first measure the height of the stone being placed under the catch basin, then the basin and its lid.

Catch basins are heavy so the stone under them needs to be at least 6″ thick. Catch basins with a bottom drain need a support stone that is at least a foot thick. Once measurements have been taken, about 2″ of space will be left between the top of the catch basin and the pavement.

Step 3: Barriers and Digging

Your general contractor will then excavate the appropriate area needed to install a catch basin. Then for safety sake, he will barricade the area around where he needs to work.

A stone is placed under the catch basin before it is installed to give water a place to go before being absorbed. Adding some leeway, the 2″ of space left between the basin lid and the pavement promotes drainage.

Before the stone and catch basin are lowered into the previously dug hole, a layer of gravel is added to the hole and raked. This helps to keep the stone and basin level and promote better drainage.

Step 4: Leveling, Framing, and the Lid

Once the catch basin is in the ground, your general contractor will use a level to make sure the basin itself is level. He will use the level in 2 directions. He will then set a frame around the catch basin and put its lid in place.

Then, he will take an extra measure and cover the catch basin with plywood before backfilling the area around the catch basin with gravel. This prevents gravel from getting into the catch basin.

Your general contractor will compact the gravel to prevent settling.

Tip: If you are installing a catch basin yourself, never ever climb into the hole you have excavated while the catch basin is suspended over the hole. If a cable snaps or heavy machinery fails you will be crushed.

After heavy rains re-grade or level the gravel around your catch basin again. Keep the slope going to your catch basin smooth and even.

Note: This post describes a catch basin installation that does not include an outlet pipe.

Are you unsure whether or not a catch basin is the answer to your drainage issues? Leave us a comment and tell us why. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our helpful advice.

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French Drain How ToHaving a French drain installed to prevent water from pooling in your yard? Here’s what to expect from your general contractor or a glimpse into what you’ll be doing yourself.

Step 1: Your general contractor will call Dig Safe or the utility commission in your area to ensure no underground utilities are located at the dig site. This is very important.

Step 2: Determining how long your French drain system needs to be. Example – your Ftrench drain needs to be 50′ long. That means about 75 cubic feet of soil needs to be excavated. This is why a piece of heavy machinery will be used by your general contractor. 75 cubic feet of soil, especially when sopping wet, equals 4 to 5 tons.

Step 3: Moving the excavated soil. Gravel is used to replace the soil so know where it’s going – either to another useful spot on your property or hauled away.

Step 4: About 2 inches of gravel is filled into the trench, then the PVC pipe (typically 4″ in diameter). More gravel is filled in and leveled off.

Step 5: Cover with screened loam and seed.

French Drain How to: What to Expect From a General Contractor

  • An on-site walk through of your yard
  • A free estimate
  • A bid placement (if considering more than 1 general contractor)
  • Permits
  • All materials/parts for the French drain system
  • All labor and heavy equipment for installation of the French drain system

French Drain How To: What to Expect From Yourself

  • Planning
  • Excavating with shovel/equipment rental (powered trenching tool)
  • Paying heavy equipment operator to dig trench and/or refill it (optional)
  • Purchase of materials/parts
  • Physical labor/sweat/ and maybe some tears
  • Satisfaction of completing the job yourself

Additional French Drain System Tips

If you do hire a heavy equipment operator, make sure they have easy access to the spot in your yard where your French drain system is going to be installed.

Remember, heavy equipment is referred to as heavy for a reason. This type of machinery will destroy any landscaping such as flowerbeds, gardens, and features it must run over to get the job done.

Installing a French drain system can be a DIY job with enough determination, physical work, and concentration. Always remember to ensure no utilities are buried where you’ll be digging. This cannot be stressed enough.

A trenching tool saves loads of time, is powered, and a walk-behind.

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