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Having good communication skills on the job site is a sure way to prevent accidents, especially those with deadly outcomes. As the owner of a construction company, you are well aware that using heavy equipment and power tools can make hearing one another impossible.

Furthermore, groundworkers don’t always know what heavy equipment operators are going to do next. Prevent job accidents from happening within your construction company by using good communication skills.

Prevent Accidents with a Plan of Action: Make sure your crew knows the game plan for the day. This is will help keep workers out of each others way and let everyone know what they are expected to do.

Use Heavy Equipment Hand Signals: Learn the correct heavy equipment hand signals to use when operating heavy equipment. Click here for more instructional hand signal info.

Put Communications Skills to the Test With Walkie Talkies: Walkie talkies and bluetooth technology are great for the job site. You’ll always know where each crew member is at all times and be able to communicate with them no matter what.

Know Your Construction Crews Location at all Times: When you’re running heavy equipment, know where the members of your construction crew are. If they’re not needed in that particular area then keep them away or have them stand on the sidelines.

Backup Alarms on Heavy Equipment: These should always be working, no matter what.

These accident prevention tips are nothing new to seasoned crew members at your construction company. Keep in mind that not everyone on the crew may be experienced. Part of training a newbie means teaching them how to safely work on site. Teach them to use heavy equipment hand signals, good communication skills, and how to listen.

Your best bet is to correct a problem when you first see it happening in order to prevent it from happening again. Someone who refuses to comply with or simply can’t remember to follow the safety measures you have put in place is a risk to those around him and your construction company. They may need to be let go.

What safety measures has your construction company put into place to prevent accidents?

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