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Beaulieu Industries has 30+ years of experience when it comes to snow plowing, sanding, and snow removal. We are currently accepting commercial, municipal and private snow plowing jobs. Our list of references include the city of Lewiston and its municipalities and schools.

Our snow plowing services include plowing, sanding and snow removal. Sidewalks and walkways are included along with parking lots, roadways and parking garages. We own and operate our own equipment and are fully insured.

Private/Residential, Commercial, & Municipalities

We accept Private/Residential, Commercial, and Municipal jobs. Contact us for a list of references, with questions or to set up a time for your FREE ESTIMATE.

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Basically, excavation work involves digging up the ground and removing dirt and debris to make a hole. Residential, commercial and municipal excavation plays a large role in the construction industry.

Not all excavation work is the same; some jobs are larger than others and require more heavy machinery and labor to get the job done – something reflected in the cost of the job.

Examples of Excavation Work in Construction

These examples involve installing a new structure or construction materials.

Before undertaking excavation work, it’s important to hire an experienced general contractor with the right knowledge and training to get the job done. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has strict safety guidelines in place which must be followed at all times.

A qualified general contractor should offer the following before beginning any excavation work on your property.

  • On-Site Walk Through
  • Free Estimate (Includes materials, machine rentals & labor)
  • Dig-Safe (Make sure no underground utilities are located on excavation site)
  • Which Permits are Required (These are needed before the job can begin)

Excavation Work in Central Maine

Beaulieu Industries is a qualified general contractor based out of Lewiston, Maine with over 40 years experience in the construction industry. Some of our most recognizable references involving excavation work include the City of Lewiston, Bates College and Camp North Star (formally OMNI Camp). Our references also include countless private residences.

Contact Beaulieu Industries today for your free estimate.

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