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Water lines connect your house to the main water line located in the street. They’re responsible for moving water to  your home and keeping a constant supply of clean water available every time the tap is turned on.

Sometimes, water lines need to be replaced due to their age or insufficient size – not enough water running through the pipe resulting in low flow or, a new structure has been built where there are no existing water lines.

If you live in central Maine and are looking for a professional general contractor to install water lines to your home, business or camp, contact Beaulieu Industries of Lewiston today for a free estimate. We’ll access the site where the water lines are to be replaced or located and give you a fair and competitive estimate including equipment rentals, labor and supplies.

Beaulieu Industries will secure the necessary permits and call Dig Safe to ensure it’s safe to dig in that specific area before any work begins. We will install your water lines efficiently and cleanly, so no dirt or debris gets in the lines and travels into the house.

You can contact Beaulieu Industries at 240-4499 and be connected directly to Roger Beaulieu (owner/operator) or fill out the contact form below. Contact us with questions or for a free estimate today.

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