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Ever driven by a home and seen a sign that reads “Clean Fill Wanted”? Ever wondered what that really means? There are 5 types of fill commonly used in construction from filling in gaping holes and evening out the landscape. Before posting your own “Clean Fill Wanted” sign or placing an order from your local construction company, learn about the different types and what they are best used for.

Types of Fill

  • Organic Topsoil
  • Inorganic Topsoil
  • Sand/Gravel
  • Rock Fill
  • Compost/Mulch/Manure

1. Organic Topsoil

Organic topsoil doesn’t contain any chemicals or other pollutants and has very few rocks and debris. This is the best type of fill for gardens and landscaping or filling in small holes and depressions.

2. Inorganic Topsoil

This type of fill does contain some amount of debris such as roots or stone. It’s not as nutritious as organic topsoil and is best used to fill in large holes and depressions. Do not order inorganic fill, clean or otherwise, for growing lawns and plants.

3. Sand/Gravel

Some fill comes in the form of sand, gravel or rock or a mix of the three. This type of fill shouldn’t be used for landscaping but works great for filling in large holes and leveling land. Most sand and gravel fill is hauled off of job sites and may contain rocks.

4. Rock Fill

Rock fill comes in the form of different sized rocks. This type of fill is great for filling in large areas and decorating the landscape. Use rock fill to build raised garden beds, borders and walls.

5. Compost/Mulch/Manure

This type of fill is made up of organic materials, is full of nutrients and great for gardens. It’s recommended for new gardens or those that need a heavy dose of fertilizer.

When placing an order for fill, make sure that it is “clean.” Clean fill doesn’t contain large rocks and other debris. To order clean fill in Central Maine, contact Beaulieu Industries of Lewiston to place your order. We’ll help you decide on which type of fill best suits your needs and calculate how much you need.

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